Our world is a dangerous place.  Each day we are reminded of the threats to the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.  Recognizing our obligation to protect ourselves and our families is a significant moment in our lives.  Committing to meet that obligation is a defining one.  The mission of Absolute Protection Solutions is to give our clients the resources they need to protect themselves and their families.  Choosing to legally carry a concealed firearm is only one part of the solution.  Achieving the protective mindset, opening our awareness, understanding our environment and embedding defensive responses complete the equation.   At APS, we begin with the foundation of safety and basic skills, and then educate to protective prowess.  Whether you are an experienced shooter or someone who  has never held a gun, allow us to give you the knowledge, skills and attitude to protect yourself and those you hold most dear.  Call, email or stop in today.

APS Firearms Training Simulator

Your heart begins to pound, and the hair on the back of your neck stands up.  You struggle to see if the person approaching you is armed with anything more than the insults they are yelling at you.  Prying your focus from the approaching threat, you identify the nearest ballistic cover.  With sudden motion, the person approaching grabs at something hidden in their back pocket and whips it forward toward you.  Instinctively, your hand crushes the grip of your handgun while your eyes lock on the moving hand.  Is it a gun?  A knife?  Or simply a FATS 2harmless wallet?  Could this really be happening to you?  It very well could happen to anyone, but fortunately all of the above scenario is taking place in the totally safety of a virtual world.  Welcome to F.A.T.S.  The Fire Arms Training Simulator that was just installed at Absolute Protection Solutions earlier this month.  While learning basic handgun safety and understanding the new Illinois Concealed Carry law are of the utmost importance, learning when to shoot and when not too are critical.  This is where Absolute Protection Solutions and the FATS stand tall above the other instructors and IL CCW training programs.