Ballistics Lab 28JUN15

Hopefully you are all having a great summer so far. At least until now it hasn’t been too hot! Those of you who have completed your Concealed Carry training or Home Defense classes with us should remember our discussion on Ballistic Cover. We ALWAYS threat scan through a complete 360 degrees, and at all distances […]

Cyber Monday Update

Seasons Greetings! Hopefully you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving. As we enter in to the colder winter months, please remember to SAFELY practice drawing your pistol from under all of those layers of concealment. If it takes a little longer, don’t forget to increase the “bubble” of awareness around you accordingly. During this busy […]

Just in time for Black Friday Shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving! Just in time for Black Friday Shopping, we have added a new “Shopping and Reviews” tab to the web site. In almost every class, someone asks about the gear, gadgets and publications that we use. Not only have we provided some reviews, you can also click on a link to see these items […]