Cyber Monday Update

Seasons Greetings!
Hopefully you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving. As we enter in to the colder winter months, please remember to SAFELY practice drawing your pistol from under all of those layers of concealment. If it takes a little longer, don’t forget to increase the “bubble” of awareness around you accordingly. During this busy time, we will be forced into closer proximity to strangers. Be polite, but ensure that you are controlling the space around you and your family. This is the busy time of year for the bad guys also. So far, there doesn’t seem to be as many reports of violence on this Black Friday as there was last year. Maybe things are getting better?

At the conclusion of each course, we always ask our participants what we can improve on. This feedback has been very beneficial. The biggest request used to be for more time on the F.A.T.S. simulator. Our current CCW course has 3 of the 4 hours for Block 2 dedicated to SIRT and F.A.T.S training. It seems to be well received. Recently participants have asked for a few other additions. They include: what additional training to take next; additional basic firearms training; help on how to choose a firearm; additional training on cleaning, care and maintenance. We have added a couple of new courses already and a re working on more. The APS Academy Living Armed courses offer those who already have a Concealed Carry license an excellent opportunity to continue their training and proficiency. We have just recently added Choosing a Firearm for Concealed Carry and a 4 hour NRA First Steps course dedicated to Glock handguns. We have also added Introduction to Semi-Automatic Pistol care and maintenance. Some of the classes we are continuing to work on include a shortened version of a Home Protection/Defense course that we will run indoors in the classroom using movable partitions, a more condensed introduction to firearms course, and an emergency medical/self aid course.

Since I am certainly not a web design person, if there are any Alumni out there who are interested in helping me maximize the Absolute Protection Solutions website, I will gladly trade instructional time on the F.A.T.S. for web help. Frequently during classes, I will be asked about what gear I use. Because of this, I have added a tab to the website for Shopping and Reviews. It is just getting started, but I have listed some of my EDC (Every Day Carry) gear, along with brief reviews and links where to find the items. This list will be expanded to include some of the source material I use for the classes (books, articles, etc.). If you are looking for some Christmas gift ideas for the CCW people in your life, or even just good basic preparedness items, please check it out.

Speaking of shopping, we are trying our first ever BIG PROMOTION EVENT!!!! On Monday 1DEC2014, we are offering a Cyber Monday discount via the website. Any class booked via the SkeeDazz system on Monday 1DEC2014 ONLY will be 30% off. That is the deepest possible discount we can offer, and we will not be offering any discounts like this again for a while. You will need to enter the code CYBERAPSMON during checkout to receive the discount. This is the first time I’ve ever attempted this, so if you have any problems try calling me. If I am teaching class or otherwise unavailable, please contact SkeeDazz customer support at the number listed in the scheduling system. They are very friendly and eager to help.
While there is a great deal of tension and apprehensiveness with everything form social issues like Ferguson and Immigration, to Ebola, ISIS and the Ukraine, there is also still plenty of good in the world. Earlier this evening, I came across a news story in the Associated Press of a white motorcycle cop hugging a young black man at a protest. If I can find a link I will post it on the web site and the Facebook page. It is good to remember why we choose to live this lifestyle of protection. May we all do our best to keep Peace, Joy and Goodwill toward mankind alive and well. Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.