Fire Arms Training Simulator

Your heart begins to pound, and the hair on the back of your neck stands up.  You struggle to see if the person approaching you is armed with anything more than the insults they are yelling at you. Prying your focus from the approaching threat, you identify the nearest ballistic cover. With sudden motion, the person approaching grabs at something hidden in their back pocket and whips it forward toward you. Instinctively, your hand crushes the grip of your pistol while your eyes lock on the moving hand. Is it a gun? A knife? Or simply a harmless wallet? Could this really be happening to you? It very well could happen to anyone, but fortunately all of the above scenario is taking place in the total safety of a virtual world. Welcome to F.A.T.S. The Fire Arms Training Simulator that was just installed at Absolute Protection Solutions. While learning basic handgun safety and understanding the new Illinois Concealed Carry law are of the utmost importance, learning when to shoot and when not to are critical. This is where Absolute Protection Solutions and the FATS stand tall above the other instructors and IL CCW training programs.

Simulators have been used by the aviation and maritime industries for over 30 years. Simulators allow us to experience extremely dangerous and stressful situations while practicing critical decision making, all in complete safety.  No one knows exactly how they will respond when a nightmare scenario happens for real, but with the use of reality based scenario training, such as the FATS, at least the first time something happens it will be controlled. F.A.T.S. have been in use with the FBI, DoD, DHS and local law enforcement and security training facilities for years. Now responsible citizens have access to this incredible training tool.

The F.A.T.S. consists of a large (10’X15′) screen, a series of projectors, cameras, lasers, and computer controlled specially modified firearms. The firearms are real, they have been modified with multiple lasers in the barrels. The semi-automatics use CO2 to cycle the action at about 60% of force their livefire versions produce. While standing in front of the screen, students are immersed in the virtual world of (potentially) violent encounters. The instructor/operator can control how many rounds each gun has, induce malfunctions and change what happens during a scenario. Going back to the description in the introduction, for the first student on the simulator, the person approaching might pull out a knife and charge at them. A second student would recognize the scenario as looking exactly the same, but when the hand of the assailant comes forward, it only holds a wallet. By allowing for multiple “branches” during the simulations, a training class can have individual experiences while watching and learning from their peers. Everyone who participates will experience the training differently.DSC_0117_001

In addition to the virtual world scenarios, the simulator also offers a range silhouette mode and skill builder exercises. In silhouette mode, students new to firearms can experience what will happen on a live fire range, without the need for hearing protection. The targets can be anywhere from 15′ to 100′ away, and not only can hits be seen, but so can the misses. This allows the instructors at Absolute Protection Solutions to instill the fundamentals for safe firearms handling into new students in a completely safe and controlled environment. Stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control and follow through can all be taught, practiced and adjusted without ever firing a live round. Due to liability concerns, most ranges in the Chicagoland area will not allow rapid fire exercises. With the F.A.T.S. we can. With the skill builder function, targets move, appear and disappear. This forces the shooter to learn to transition to other targets while maintaining proper control of the firearm. The better the student gets, the faster the targets change and move.

By combining the rock solid fundamentals of the NRA Basic shooting courses, with the latest and most thoroughly researched training curriculum of the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and adding intuitive technology such as the F.A.T.S. and SIRT systems, Absolute Protection Solutions offers THE most advanced and complete concealed carry training available to responsible citizens.imagesQXRC260V

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