Ballistics Lab 28JUN15

WindshieldHopefully you are all having a great summer so far. At least until now it hasn’t been too hot! Those of you who have completed your Concealed Carry training or Home Defense classes with us should remember our discussion on Ballistic Cover. We ALWAYS threat scan through a complete 360 degrees, and at all distances (near, mid-range and far). ALL cover is relative to what is being fired at you. ALL cover is temporary. If given enough time, an adversary will either chip away at your cover until it is no longer effective protection, or they will simply maneuver around it. To help all of us gain a better understanding of what stops various calibers of ammunition and how specific bullets perform, we will be running a Ballistics Laboratory class on Sunday, 28JUN2015. This activity will be held at the Limbach residence in Verona, near Mazon where we have previously held private classes and The Pumpkin Shoot. Again, this event will have a limited number of spaces available, and first options will be given to Alumni. We will be putting out additional information as we develop it, but we are soliciting experiments from those who will be attending. If you have something you are just dying to shoot, please send me an email and explain what it is, and why. Pictures would be great, along with what you would like to shoot it with. Some of the materials we will be testing include: a desk with drawers (some empty, some with books), a car windshield, an engine block, and various layers of drywall situated to simulate the interior walls of most homes.




The tentative schedule has us starting with a brief lecture at 1300 and then a safety briefing and first range exercises around 1400. We expect to be through most of the experiments well before dusk, around 1800 at the latest. If you are interested in attending, please follow this link:

Ballistics Lab Registration 28JUN15

As always, thank you for your business, and we look forward to seeing you on the 28th! We have additional information available on our web site at

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